Guide to Virtual Tax Preparation Service

Since the pandemic hit it seems we’ve all gone virtual. Virtual meetings, virtual shopping, virtual weddings, and funerals-virtually anything you need can be done online now. Well, add to that list, Virtual Tax Preparation too.

Recall the days when you had your tax appointment in order to meet that April 15 deadline. The dread building as you got closer to the day that you have to traipse into the tax office stack of receipts and whatnot piled in your hands, knowing that you’d be lucky to leave two hours later. Thanks to the pandemic those days are behind you. MJ Tax Services now offers virtual tax preparation.

What is Virtual Tax Preparation?

What you need to know. Virtual Tax Preparation is a safe secure and organized way to manage the tax preparation without the long wait. All you have to do is talk to your virtual tax preparer at MJ Tax services so get started today.

Instead of clicking through a generic software package and trusting that a downloadable program will fit your specific needs, our virtual tax preparation service in Boca Raton leverages state-of-the-art technology that provides you with live experts you can consult anytime. You can rest easy knowing that our team members, with their extensive real-world tax preparation experience, are readily available to help you with even the most complex tax issues.

Here are the types of items that you can share inside the virtual tax preparation platform:

  • Medical expenses
  • Itemized deductions
  • Educational expenses
  • Earned income statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Affordable Care Act
  • SBA Loan documentation
  • EIDL Records

The Benefits of Our Professional Virtual Tax Preparation Service

Flexibility, Convenience, and Control – No more scheduling your tax preparation around someone else’s schedule. Our virtual tax preparer service lets you choose when you want to prepare your taxes. Do it all at once or a little at a time; curled up on a couch or behind your desk in your office. Online preparation lets you control when and where your taxes get done.


Confidence: When you’re working with a generic software package, there are no guarantees: you have to rely on the program’s manufacturer to get the programming (and tax laws) right. When you use our virtual tax preparation service, we not only guarantee that you’ll get the maximum return possible, but we also guarantee its accuracy.


Speed: Virtual tax preparation’s significant advantage is online filing, or e-filing, which instantly sends your completed return to the IRS. This speeds up the review process, allowing for quicker refunds. The digital process bypasses paper mail processing times, and the IRS directly deposits your refund into your bank account, saving you a trip to the bank.


Digital Documentation: Virtual tax preparation and online filing remove the need for a file full of old tax returns. Instead, you get an electronic record that can be stored digitally, easily accessible whenever and wherever you need it, at the touch of a button.