Benefits of an Accountant Over TurboTax

Taxes. No one likes them, but we’ve all got to deal with them—we know this better than anyone here at MJ Tax Services in Boca Raton! And since they’re part of life, the best way to go about it is to make tax season as efficient and smooth as possible. Not only do you want to deal with them quickly but ensure you’re filing your taxes correctly to avoid any kind of financial penalties for filing incorrectly due to negligence or disregard. Due to new software programs like TurboTax, many people are filing their own taxes at home. But is that the best choice?

TurboTax and other tax software programs make it easier for the average person to file their own taxes. But this doesn’t guarantee you’ll do it correctly. Most people do not have the in-depth tax knowledge that a professional accountant does, so they might miss something or make errors.

Benefits of an Accountant over TurboTax

You might be debating between using an accountant or tax software. To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the benefits of using an accountant over TurboTax:

1 . An accountant can help you with complex tax situations where in-depth knowledge is needed. This applies to situations like small businesses and investments.

2. Accountants are real-life individuals with whom you can speak to and ensure you understand your tax situation.

3.TurboTax is a generalized tax software program and is not able to provide specific, location or industry-based advice. Boca Raton accounting services, such as MJ Tax Services, have specialized, local knowledge and can tailor their services exactly to your needs.

4 . A professional accountant has studied the intricacies of taxation for many years. They are able to answer complex questions or offer suggestions for deductions that tax software simply does not know.

5. You will save a lot of time using an accountant over TurboTax. With self-directed tax software, you need to do everything by yourself. With an accountant, you can hand it off to them and let them manage the details. The IRS reports that taxpayers spend an average of 13 hours preparing their tax returns. Since it’s an average, some people spend a lot more time than that! An accountant will help you take back your time to focus on other things.

6. Accountants can often help you prepare for an audit.

7. Using an accountant will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you’ve consulted experts and did not have to rely on your own limited tax knowledge.

Boca Raton Accounting Services

Accountants are professionals who have a deep understanding and knowledge of taxes and tax law. Their professional advice can save you time and money by preparing your tax information and suggesting additional deductions. It can give you peace of mind knowing that your taxes are safe in their expert hand.

If you’re looking for Boca Raton accounting services, make sure to reach out to us at MJ Tax Services. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and even can provide a free consultation to get to know each other more. Don’t let taxes get the better of you—let us help you through our expert accounting services in Boca Raton!